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Nov 27, 2020

Leslie and Andrew discuss seven common complaints about Walt Disney World and the reasons why they're grateful for Disney and keep going to the parks anyway. Follow @PolkaDotPodcast on Instagram and Twitter for related content.

Nov 14, 2020

In the third edition of "Steps to the Castle," Leslie interviews former Disney Springs cast member Caitlin about her internship in Disney's College Program, as well as her experience working at Walt Disney World as a person living with autism, ADHD and hearing loss. Follow @PolkaDotPodcast on Instagram and Twitter for...

Nov 14, 2020

Leslie, Andrew and Dan talk about 11 Magic Kingdom attractions in the third edition of "Keep it. Plus it. Toss it." 

Walt Disney World Railroad; Tom Sawyer's Island; Tomorrowland Speedway; Under the Sea -- Journey of the Little Mermaid; Magic Carpets of Aladdin; Casey Jr. Splash 'N Soak Station; Swiss Family Robinson's...

Nov 7, 2020

Leslie welcomes Andrew T. to discuss the pros and cons of visiting Walt Disney World during the COVID-19 pandemic. He shares details about his October trip and tips for Disney guests and families who are considering whether to visit the parks during the pandemic. Follow @PolkaDotPodcast on Instagram and Twitter...